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About Us
About Us

Judah Healthcare services can help you live independently in the comfort of your home, without having to change your lifestyle. We are always there for you, to listen and to help.

We can provide assistance from an 1 hour to check everything is fine, all the way up to a 24-hour a day, 7-days a week service, this includes weekends, holidays depending on need.

Setting the pace in equipping and empowering you to live independently at your home.


Our Vision and Values

Our vision is based not only on the six core principles and 6 Cs but is also governed by our agency values of Dignity and Respect for all Equality and Diversity.

Our values help us achieve this across our care services, helping our clients to have good later life.

  • Caring for people we look after and treating everyone with dignity and respect
  • Communication with service providers and patients by being open and honest
  • Courage to report concerns for our clients to management
  • Competence to do the job and constantly improving by aiming for the highest standards
  • Compassion for the patients we care for and meeting different needs better by respecting peoples as individuals
  • Commitment to the job, we deliver more and better services by working to the best


  • Support that meets client’s individual needs
  • We continually strive for innovation and for new ways to improve the services that we offer


Judah Healthcare Services Director is a qualified mental health nurse since 2004.  Judith is currently working toward her bachelor’s degree in Mental Health Studies art time at the University of Hertfordshire.

The Managing Director has worked at various NHS hospitals, around the country; this includes working as a staff nurse at Hertfordshire Partnership Foundation Trust.  Furthermore the Managing Director worked as a charge nurse.  Judah Healthcare Services have experience in assessment, in care plan development and evaluation.

The Managing Director furthered her career and worked as community psychiatric nurse, team leader Band 7, and mental health liaison practitioner at the Central North West London Trust (locum).  Additionally, Judith has relevant skills and knowledge to trained staff nurses.  Judith is an expert in nursing and understands the needs to provide a standard of excellence in a nursing agency.

Judith set up Nursing Agency together with a domiciliary agency to meet needs of nursing homes, residential homes and community service user homes.  Therefore, meeting staff shortages with providing nursing, healthcare and care assistants to nursing home across Bedfordshire and surrounding areas.

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